translated from Spanish: Neymar fulfills his dream of riding in celebration of his 6-year-old

Culiacan, Sinaloa.- Fun country party in honor of little Neymar Meza Villa for his 6th birthday, with which he fulfilled his dream of riding.

Neymar Meza Villa, enjoying the horseback ride./ Photo: Alexa Ruelas.

His parents, Lidia Villa and Natanael Meza, arranged for him to live in a quaint restaurant on the outskirts of the city.

Next to his parents, Lidia Villa and Natanael Meza./Photo: Alexa Ruelas.

Surrounded by his cousins, Katerine Morales, Emily Villa, Miguel Villa and Aranza Morales; and her sister, Nicole Meza. /Photo: Alexa Ruelas.

In the place is offered to live with country animals, among pigs, chickens, calves and the most interesting of the little one: a majestic white horse, which was where he walked while listening to regional music fulfilling the dream of the little one.

Accompanied by her sister, Nataly Meza and her cousin, Dana Villa./Photo: Alexa Ruelas.

The birthday boy next to his beloved granny, Paula Ríos. /Photo: Alexa Ruelas.

The birthday boy was accompanied by his sisters, Nataly and Nicole Meza Villa, as well as his cousins and relatives, who gave him cute displays of affection and gifts that surprised the party. Congratulations!

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