translated from Spanish: President Piñera’s 2011 “déj vu” with Vallejo

The project that lowers the working day to 40 hours has awakened more than one ghost within the government of Sebastián Piñera. The bill promoted by PC Member Camila Vallejo has not only set the political standard in recent weeks, but also left La Moneda without room for manoeuvre.
Therefore, while the project was being discussed on Monday in an intense five-hour session of the Committee of Labor of the Canase of Deputies, officials of the officialism repeated more than once that President Piñera was living “a real déj vu” with Vallejo , alluding to the current Communist MP being one of the leading leaders of the 2011 student movement, which had the first paprika administration against the ropes.
In the interior of Chile Vamos these days has been commented, “by way of joke”, the coincidence that during the second year of the current mandate of Piñera, again, it is Vallejo that is causing the political headaches in La Moneda.
The context today is different. Unlike 2011, there is no social mobilization or marches every Thursday on the streets, but despite that the PC made the ghosts revive the right about what was the so-called student bench, since as in the marches of eight years ago , Vallejo today doubles for 40 hours with communist MP Karol Cariola and also summoned her broad front peers Giorgio Jackson (RD) and Gabriel Boric.

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