translated from Spanish: Defensa de Robles brings protection against linkage to process

Rosario Robles’ defense announced on Wednesday that they promoted an protection against the decision of Judge Felipe de Jesús Delgadillo Padierna to link the former owner of Sedesol and Sedatu to the process of La Estafa Maestra. and an alleged crime of improper exercise of public service.
In the 204 fojas amparo document, which was sent to the Tenth District Court of Amparo in Criminal Matters of Mexico City, the lawyers detail a series of alleged irregularities and violations of the Constitution that Judge Delgadillo would have committed Padierna during the hearings against Robles on 8 and 13 August, from which the magistrate linked her to prosecution and, in addition, decreed pre-trial detention.
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«Rosario Robles is the victim of a judge who has erected himself as a state judge, as in prosecutor and accuser, violating the procedural and human rights of Rosario Robles,» lawyer Julio Hernández Barros said at a press conference.
In parallel with the protection, the team of lawyers also filed an appeal to reverse the pre-trial detention measure against Rosario Robles, and filed a criminal complaint with the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic against Judge Delgadillo for alleged irregularities in how he conducted the hearings against the ex-official.
It should be remembered that among Judge Delgadillo Padierna’s arguments for the decree of pre-trial detention in Robles, is that the ex-worker said she lived in a different address than the one she lived in. So the magistrate considered two things: one, that there was «falsehood» in Robles’ statement, and two, that because there was no certainty about his residence there was «risk of flight».
«That an accused has one or more domiciles is not a matter for proving a flight risk. It is public that many people in this country have different addresses,» argued Alejandro Oléa, another of Robles’ lawyers.
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«It is not a justified pre-trial detention, as the judge euphemistically calls it, but an arbitrary detention that has already been reported to the National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) in Mexico, before the Council of the Federal Judiciary, and before the Inter-American Court Human Rights Officer (IACHR),» Julio Hernández insisted.
Dolores Padierna is accused
In addition to the measures announced in Rosario Robles’ defense, the team of lawyers directly accused The Deputy Dolores Padierna, aunt of Judge Felipe de Jesús Delgadillo Padierna, of being «the architect of this state trial». And, even, he went a step further by ensuring that through his nephew, Dolores Padierna managed to achieve «a vengeance after 14 years».
To argue this accusation, lawyer Julio Hernández said it is notoriously public that Deputy Dolores Padierna has for years had a «public confinement» towards Rosario Robles.
According to the lawyers, Padierna considers that her husband, René Bejarano, was imprisoned several months in 1994 – and then released and acquitted – for being shown in a famous «video scandal» receiving money from Argentine businessman Carlos Ahumada, ex-partner sentimental rosario Robles.
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«If it’s not an action led by her (Padierna), really it’s a stroke of luck that has fallen the case (of Robles) with her nephew (Judge Delgadillo Padierna), and another great blow that her nephew has directed with such illegality, arrogance, and with so much arbitrariness with actions, even, probably criminal to benefit Dolores Padierna and harm his enemy, Rosario Robles,» said lawyer Julio Hernández, who, being questioned by the press about what evidence they have against Padierna replied, «What I have is a great common sense.»
For his part, lawyer Alejandro Oléa said that among the evidence presented in the amparo trial to argue that there was a «corrupting effect» in the proceedings against Robles is the family kinship of Judge Delgadillo with deputy Dolores Padierna.
With health problems and anguished
At the end of the conference, lawyer Julio Hernández commented that Rosario Robles faces health problems after being admitted to the Santa Martha Acatitla prison, where she must stay at least two months; the time in which the Public Prosecutor’s Office should provide further evidence to prove the crime of misexercising the civil service.
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«Rosario is a little bit of a bit of a swim in her health, with blood pressure issues, and distraught to find out a legal prisoner,» the lawyer said.
«She is arbitrarily detained, even though she twice appeared to face all the allegations,» added Hernandez, who stressed that the interest of Sedesol and Sedatu’s former owner is to «clarify and prove her innocence in a fair trial.»
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