translated from Spanish: They apprehended the guy who sexually abused his two young children

Chihuahua, Mexico.- A man named Oscar Gerardo, 29, raped his two sons in the state of Chihuahua for three years. 
The state prosecutor’s office reported that the subject was linked to the trial after evidence was presented that he committed the crime of aggravated rape against the minors.
Victims are 10 and 11 years old, according to official information.

«Data collected by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Specialized Sexual Crime Investigation Unit indicate that male victims were raped by their father from August 2016 to August 2019,» the authority said.
«Research indicates that the assailant sexually raped them when he was living with his partner and mother of the children in a dwelling in the Eco 2000 colony,» he said.
«Afterwards, the assailant separated from his spouse and went to live at the janos street home in the Cielo Complex split, where he allegedly continued to rape his young children, until they told a relative what was going on with his father» Added.

The subject will remain in pre-trial detention until a judge determines his legal status.

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