translated from Spanish: Mexico organizes tribute to Francisco Toledo

After the death of Francisco Toledo numerous people gathered at the National Museum of Popular Arts in Coyoacán to pay homage to the Oaxaqueño artist.
Currently, the museum presents the exhibition ‘Toledo ve’, a exhibition with more than 600 pieces that were chosen especially for the venue by Toledo himself.
Most of the people who attended the venue, placed flowers and offerings themselves that will be kept in the place.
Due to the untimely death of the toledo master, the National Museum of Popular Cultures will extend the time of the exhibition so that the public can have approach to the work of the artist, which explores the different artistic disciplines in which it was developed, such as articles of daily life, sketches, prototypes, models, intervened objects, as well as unique pieces.

In homage to the teacher Francisco Toledo, the entrance to the exhibition #ToledoVe at the National Museum of Popular Cultures (@MNCP_DGCP) will be free from Friday 6 to Sunday 8 September.
Let us celebrate the legacy he shared with great generosity.
— Popular Cultures (@dgcpopulares) September 6, 2019

The exhibition would conclude on September 29, however, the museum awaits the response of the Toledo family to know how long their stay will extend.
As part of the tributes, the Institute of Graphic Arts of Oaxaca (IAGO), located in the tourist corridor of Oaxaca, mounted an altar in memory of the artist where, around an oil portrait, visitors concentrate in front of a table that is surrounded by flowers.
Meanwhile, at the Teatro Macedonio Alcalá, another tribute was paid with a video in which the master of the graphic is appreciated to express his gratitude for life and his desire to be remembered as “a father who was not so bad”, in addition to holding a guard of honor in which the Federal Culture Secretary, Alejandra Frausto, will pay your respects.

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