translated from Spanish: Election campaign for October presidential election begins

This Saturday, the election campaigns of the six presidential candidates for the elections on October 27 begin. They will have time to «bomb» with their proposals and advertising spots in the media until Friday, October 25. As set out in article 64a of the National Electoral Code, the election campaign «starts 50 days before the date of the general election and ends 48 hours before the start of the comic, «that is, it will end next Friday, October 25 at 8.

The election campaign is defined as «the set of activities carried out by political groups, their candidates or third parties, through acts of mobilization, dissemination, publicity, opinion and communication consultation, presentation of plans and projects, discussions in order to capture the political will of the electorate, which must be developed in a climate of democratic tolerance.» The standard clarifies: «Academic activities, conferences and symposia will not be considered as integral parts of the election campaign.» The various parties and alliances competing for the presidency shall nominate two economic-financial leaders to take over the numbers in order to present the campaign revenue and expenditure report after the election process has been completed.

Other topics to keep in mind: the dissemination of the spots of the different candidates is planned for next Sunday 22 September and on Wednesday 2 October begins the «prohibition of public events likely to promote the recruitment of suffrage». Let us remember that the six formulas that will compete in the general election of October 27 are Mauricio Macri and Miguel Angel Pichetto for Together for Change; Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner for the Front of All; Roberto Lavagna and Juan Manuel Urtubey by Federal Consensus; Nicolás del Caño and Romina del Plá by the Left-Unidad Front; Juan José Gómez Centurión and Cynthia Hotton for Front Nos; and José Luis Espert and Luis Rosales for Unite.

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