translated from Spanish: Government to mega-drydrought: “we do not expect us to have water rationing in big cities”

The situation is alarming. Chile is currently experiencing the second-largest drought in its history, since it is recorded, and could still move forward to become the first. So far the rainfall deficit goes beyond 70%, resulting in five regions activating the agricultural emergency measure. In this line the President, Sebastián Piñera noted this week that at least during this spring and summer water supply is guaranteed and added that “we will have to make important changes to keep it in time”. In this regard, the Minister of Public Works, Alfredo Moreno, noted this morning in TVN’s “National State” program, that “this is something we have been living for a long time (…). If you look at the trend, we have less and less water. We have a structural drought.” “On top of that we have a much more pronounced drought this year. According to the numbers we have, this drought can surpass even that of the year 68′, the biggest drought we have since registration. This one could outdo it.” Moreno added that “we have no problems (water supply) in cities for this season,” although he stressed that “we have to do works in cities to ensure their supply. It can be done, it can be solved, but you have to take action now.” On a potential rationing point out, he said, “We don’t expect us to have water rationing in Chile’s big cities. We have a case that is Totoralillo that we are trying to solve in the best possible way, but I do not expect it to be done (rationing)” and added that “we will include campaigns, and we have done them before. But human (water) consumption is a percentage that is small (…), agriculture is the big figure.” Regarding the water code, the secretary of state that “we are working on the project in which I would say that incredibly we have (with the opposition) big coincidences”, adding that “we have to make the code stronger about what human consumption is in the face of the emergency.” On the controversy over the right of use of water by private parties, Moreno defended despite the various criticisms that have been raised in this regard that the deadline must be “indefinite, because otherwise, how we make a reservoir for example. It is necessary, for people to make the investments, to be assured that they will have the resource. Otherwise, it’s ridiculous, they’re not going to do it.”

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