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Mexico.- A lab employee posed as a gynecologist to sexually abuse a pregnant woman who went to a consultation at a state Ministry of Health hospital in Chilpancingo.
The crime occurred at 1 a.m. on Saturday in the state government’s Area Unit, located in Chilpancingo’s central Alameda. Relatives of the victim said they arrived at the hospital for doctors to attend to the woman, who was in pain for her pregnancy.
However, the woman was cared for by a chemist who posed as a gynecologist, and during the review sexually abused the woman.
The victim was able to ask for help and his relatives entered the office, where they found the assailant semi-naked.
For its part, the Ministry of Health issued a statement confirming sexual assault against a patient in the hospital unit. He claimed that the subject was identified as Kevin and is being held at the state Prosecutor’s Office’s premises to de-alclose responsibilities.
However, the statement states that Kevin is not an employee of the Ministry of Health, but is a worker of the Medical Life Operator, who has surrogate the laboratory service for sampling women who go to the hospital.
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