translated from Spanish: “Chiqui” Tapia spoke of Maradona’s return: “It makes me very happy”

The arrival of Diego Maradona occurred in a rest period of Argentine football and in which Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia traveled to the United States as head of the delegation that played the match with Chile and prepares to play against Mexico, and set aside the vinc issues those who have been roasted to local tournaments. However, on Tuesday he gave an interview at TyC Sports where he referred to the hiring of “10” as coach of Gimnasia de La Plata and threw cold cloths over a distant relationship they maintain, where there were several crosses from the world champion to the representative.

“What Diego generated in Gimnasia is impressive”, Claudio Tapia. Photo: NA

“It makes me happy. Every time a player who has achieved many titles and achievements outside of Argentine football is back, he gives hierarchy. If they are idols of their club generate many things, and what Diego generated in Gimnasia is impressive,” tapia began his speech on the feeling that Maradona generates, “Chiqui added that “on a playing field and working on the day-to-day, it is a very important factor in the Argentine football worldwide”, despite taking the team committed to the average. “It’s a difficult situation and that shows you what Diego is. You have to be man enough to make that commitment because you look at the board and it’s scary. I hope he and Gymnastics will do well.”

“Talking to Diego is a pleasure, not an obligation,” Tapia, about the chance to meet with Maradona. Photo: NA

Without escaping the gossips that have been taken out in the last time, Tapia talked about a possible encounter with the DT of Gimnasia, after he said in his presentation that opens the doors to the leader, now that it is “part of Argentine football”.” Talking to Diego is a pleasure, not an obligation. I have done it several times and what one says, you have to see the moment and the situation, because not everything always in life is applause and caresses. Sometimes you express an opinion that realizes it wasn’t right. When it’s, we’re going to get together,” he said. In this note:

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