translated from Spanish: Trifulca between truckers of the Lomita-Cañadas route in the Center of Culiacán

Culiacan.-Two truck drivers from the Lomita-Cañadas route went to hit the streets of the city center, after they allegedly fought over the passage. One of those involved involving approximately 30 years of age struck the other driver of the unit, approximately 55 years old, causing injuries to his face.

Police officers arrived at the scene and took the assailant in custody. HELP US Click the Google News star and follow usAccording to the information released, the lawsuit initiated over Jesús Andrade Avenue a few meters from the old truck headquarters, when the underage driver tried to assault that place on another driver , which was able to speed up the march to get rid of the contest.

It was when we arrived at the stop that is located along the same avenue, between Benito Juárez and Miguel Hidalgo streets, around 16:00 hours, when the affected person was going down and going up the passage, and at that moment he took advantage of the aggressor to get on and hit the other driver.

A person passing by, noticed that the two men were exchanging blows aboard the truck, and recorded with a cell phone the exact moment of the squabour. After minutes of exchanging punches, the driver who started the lawsuit lowered the truck with a plank that he used to make the aggression. Transit agents passing through the site noticed the congestion of vehicles and realized what had happened, as the trucks were left in the middle of the street hindering the traffic. Municipal Police officers also arrived at the scene and after hearing the version of the facts and the footage of the recording, arrested the assailant and took him to railing where his legal situation is reviewed. Minutes later, the road agents took care of moving the trucks to the shore so that the car flow would move forward, do you already know our YouTube channel? Subscribe!

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