translated from Spanish: Woman traveled 4 hours and spent $140 to meet a man who rejected her for «fat»

According to the Argentine newspaper Clarín, Jade Savage lived the worst date of his life, which has it raising money online to recover the cost of traveling from Leicester to Peterborough in 28-year-old traveled four hours traveling to see a man he met for Tinder, but was received in the worst way. The appointment lasted only five minutes, having traveled almost 140 km round trip. According to Savage «I was talking to him on the phone when I got to the train station, to tell him to pick me up. When he arrived he said, «Mier…, you have more weight than the previous time.» Besides, he told how he felt at that awkward moment. «‘No, you can’t say that.’ It was clear that he wanted to cancel the appointment, but I was still hoping we could have a nice day.» The couple drove into the boy’s car and Jade told him he was an idiot for saying that.» The man continued to insist that the woman would have gained weight. «You think I’m an idiot? I repeat, you got fat» and Jade recalled that he then «took me back to the station and told me that I had put him in a bad mood and that I had to go home.» For his part, he offered to pay him back the money spent on the trip and at the time of accepting that, the man blocked it from WhatsApp.Su goal was to raise the $140 spent, and in five days (until this Tuesday) people already donated $1,500.

Original source in Spanish

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