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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The wine from Oxkutzcab Yucatan, knows of the great goals that the draw has for this year and hopes to be able to live up to it. Seek engagement
There was in-depth talk about various team and pre-season topics at the port team’s training camps.

“I think the expectation of every manager when he starts a season, is to finish it, obviously all this also depends on a group of players who have to give they.
But first and foremost, the important thing is to make a good pre-season. We seek that the guys in the physical aspect, are doing things as they should, especially to prevent injuries, that in the end affect the team, each of them knows as professionals who are how important this work is,” commented Pacho Burgos.Sobre the possibility of transcending the close-ups of the season, Pacho knows that the goals of the organization and the hobby are those.

Juan José Pacho, manager of the Venados team. Photo: Courtesy

The expectations are to look to reach the play-offs, everyone wants to be champion, now it will be a league with 10 teams that go with the same idea, and they are obstacles that have to be overcome.

If there is much enthusiasm to win a championship, more because this season will be preamble to a Caribbean Series that will be here in Mazatlan. Internal competition is strong, as every year, especially with young people who can serve us, for the future, that’s to pay attention,” Pacho added.
Finally the manager commented that the group was very willing to work despite the high temperatures.” Despite being the first day, they’ve worked very well. The sun is strong, but it’s part of this, that leads you to your body gradually adapting, and as soon as the season starts they are in optimal condition and have no problem throwing themselves on the ground,” I conclude.

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