translated from Spanish: Rodrigo Echeverría: “I have to keep learning from the mistakes I make”

Rodrigo Echeverría ends his link with Universidad de Chile in June next year, however he could renew and he wants to do so. “My priority is to be in the U and follow a couple more seasons or until it is given. The truth is that for me I would always stay in the U, but that will depend later on the future and what is given,” he told Cooperativa.Es more, the central recognizes that he is not at his best football, but he remains interested in continuing to wear the shirt of l to U. “I’m very committed to the U, looking forward to staying. It’s true that in these last few games I haven’t been at the top of my level, but I think I can lift it,” he said. On a sporting level, he said he was clear that he needs to improve. “I have to keep learning from the mistakes I make. My mind is now on the U, I hope to stay here much longer and then see later what the future holds,” he said. He also analyzed the present of the team and acknowledged that they are uncomfortable. “The entire campus knows we’re in a complicated situation. The U does not deserve to be in this instance, so it is the institution and because of the equipment we have. We are committed to bringing this forward,” he said. It’s a position that makes us uncomfortable because we’re the U and we have to be fighting the top spots. But you also have to take it with the proper peace of mind, because despair can lead you to what we don’t want, which are the bad results,” he said.

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