translated from Spanish: Warned offender doesn’t kill soldier

Life takes a 360-degree turn and they celebrate their change. Florestán.In the run of this government, there was the perception that the order received by the elements of the Mexican Army was not to respond or repel any aggression. President López Obrador, time and time again, declared that his was not a repressive government, going to the other end of the fan where one thing is to repress, and another to exercise a monopoly on the exclusive legal force of the Mexican state through its government. Between repression and constitutional statement, there is 180 degrees of difference and level of the legal application of that force. What happens is that the two parties, armed forces and criminals with their social bases, misunderstood it. The former, in the sense that they could not face the mobs that assaulted them, vexed, kidnapped, disarmed and beaten, to which they never responded despite the injuries and withholdings of that good people, often in the service of crime organized or valid of the occasion and circumstance, which interpreted them as untouchable. These attacks created a widespread rejection of the assailants and also the authority allowed them. It was not about repressing, as was accused, but of respecting and enforcing the institutions. That is why I rescue the sedena’s communiqué on Monday, in which it announces that in the face of the occurrence of a crime and in cases where military or National Guard personnel are subjected to an aggression, their self-defence will be acted in their own self-defence to protect life and integrity American of the members of the Armed Forces.So, warned criminal, does not kill soldier. RETAL1. TERM.- The deputies, under pressure from the CNTE, were given the legal deadline to pass the secondary laws of education reform, which phenues today, and said that it was not important and that an extension, would see if by the end of the month, if that coordinator authorizes it , discuss them. Serious message of illegality from most of Brunette that it is of no importance to respect the law. What’s next?; 2. EESC.- I insist that President López Obrador should not seek the resignation of José Manuel Mireles, inexplicably deputy delegate of the Issste in Michoacán, after his treatment of women of pyrujas and nalguitas, who violates all codes of ethics, that of the institute including and laws against violence against women. Your apology is false, your contempt for them, authentic and vulgar, unacceptable. You must stop it; and3. ESPERANZA.- I have known Alejandro Encinas for many years and I do not understand why he declared at the National Palace that the 43 missing normalists in Iguala are somewhere in Guerrero. I never agreed with the historical truth, and today I am not in the false hope of the Under-Secretary of the Interior to the parents of the normalists. I’ll see you tomorrow, but in private.

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