translated from Spanish: Antonio Madriz rules out for sanctions on faltist mPs

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán. – The next president of the Board of Directors of the Congress of Michoacán, Antonio Madriz Estada, ruled out the application of economic sanctions to deputies who lack the sessions or who leave the plenary in the middle of legislative work.
For the congressman of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) party, a call for his colleagues to work is enough, so he does not see the need to impose sanctions.

«I trust that fellow members will not be subject to sanction. Where there is a legal reason to justify your absence or any delay, it will have to be considered.»

Madriz Estrada reiterated her confidence that from September 15th when her period of chairing the Bureau begins, her 39 companions will change their attitude regarding absences and absences, this when reporters reminded him that the former president, Antonio Salas Valencia repeatedly invited lawmakers to work in the plenary and sessions, but his invitation ended up being a «call to mass».
The Morenist MP denied that there is disinterest in the LXXIV Legislature, because in his saying, the issues of the national agenda have come out.
It should be recalled that on several occasions there have been a suspension of the sessions or a recess, because of the lack of a quorum, as happened at the penultimate extraordinary session, held on 21 August, when there were only 20 of the 40 deputies in plenary.
According to article 9 of the Organic law and procedures in Michoacán, legislators may be punished with a day of legislative diet when they do not attend or are absent from the sessions without justification.

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