translated from Spanish: Eduardo Frei for his brother: «I have been the victim of a great fraud»

Former President Eduardo Frei Ruiz Tagle referred to the family and personal situation, after his brother Francisco Frei was told to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for financial operations that would have affected the assets of the former. This day, it was also known that Francisco Frei called for the bankruptcy of the Almadena society.
«It’s a strong situation, because when you talk about your brother, your partner, your partner, it’s been tremendously painful,» said the ex-man, who added that «I’ve been the victim of a big fraud.»
Frei Ruiz Tagle added «this is not a tongo» and argued that «I put my trust in the hands of a professional person, but I never imagined that he would deceive us in the way he did.»
The former president said his family is «impacted» and never imagined being involved in this situation, and did not rule out bringing legal action against his brother.
«A lot of times he said to me, right here where you are, ‘Brother, I’m never going to fail you.’ He told me many times,» he added.
The former president said that the disputed society was not used to do business, but aimed to manage family assets.
Eduardo Frei added that he asked an external company for an audit of the company.

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