translated from Spanish: Eduardo Frei tackles the family silver scandal: «I never imagined I was going to cheat the way he did»

Former President Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle broke the silence. On Friday, the former Member of Chile between 1994 and 2000 referred for the first time to the self-report made by his younger brother Francisco for a series of illicit financial transactions that he committed in recent years on behalf of the company Inversiones Saturno S. A., which belongs to the former Mandatario and his wife Marta Larraechea.
«As a family we are tremendously shocked, we never dreamed that we were going to live a situation like this, we never crossed our minds to reach a state like we are. It’s like being in a nightmare, for me, for my lady, and for the whole family,» Frei said in a statement to the press. 
«I want to point out that for me personally it’s a strong situation, because when you’re talking about your brother, when you’re talking about your friend, and know by his own voice and by his own statement what he did » it’s tremendously painful, very painful,» he added.
«Trust brother, I’m the best person who can take care of your interests, and I’m never going to let you down,» his brother said.
The former Representative also said that «there are many people who believe I knew. I trusted my brother, a professional who has worked, who has had ups and downs but never imagined that he would deceive us the way he did.»
«We have the check that most of the balance sheets iding in my companies were falsed. It’s in the D.A.’s knowledge.»
«I’ve been the victim of a big fraud, but like all things in life, I deal with them with dignity,» he finally said. 
«We’ve said it, we’re going to use all the tools that the law gives us,» Frei said of the alternative of bringing legal action against his brother Francisco, although he didn’t make a specific reference to court proceedings.
Property garnishee
On the other hand, Scotiabank’s lawsuit against the Frei brothers over an unpaid debt of 130 million pesos has continued to advance. In fact, The Minister of The Bar issued his first resolution. 
In the document, to which Radio Bío Bío was accessed, the magistrate warned the Frei clan that if he did not cancel the sum soon, he will order the seizure of assets against him.
The other lawsuit filed by the bank includes the cancellation of almost 279 million pesos. In the latter case, Minister Dobra Lusic was appointed, who was disabled last week, without his replacement being appointed so far.
So far, Francisco Frei faces 10 similar actions, as a representative of the firms Almadena and Saturno, investment vehicles of his brother and his wife Marta Larraechea, for an amount that would exceed 3 billion pesos, although close to the former Representative stalked that the figure would be more than 7 billion.

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