translated from Spanish: FESEMSS with challenge to strengthen

Celic Mendoza
Morelia, Michoacán.- After the past leadership of the State Front of Unions of Higher and Higher Middle Education (FESEMSS), she was involved in a number of labor and personal problems, this day the leadership of the trade unions assaulted elected a new representative.

The leader of the ICATMI Workers’ Union, Armando García Leal, reported that specific cases are pending as workers from the Technological University of Morelia and the subsystems from which the settlement of deeds is sought.
Similarly, he noted that as workers in the education sector, they seek not to suffer the same as other years with year-end wage payments, so with the presidency in charge he would look to state authorities that there are no more laggards.
He recognized that FESEMSS needs to be strengthened after the ups and downs experienced with the last presidency, so it will seek to strengthen the guild’s unity.
In this regard, it also expressed its emphasis to emphasize resource management in the face of the financial cut in higher middle education and which the PMI promised to remedy.

At the Teatro José Rubén Romero the new president with the members of the new Steering Committee took up a protest, after Gerardo Bolaños Jiménez left the post.

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