translated from Spanish: Google changes its algorithm to promote investigative journalism

San Francisco.- Google will highlight in its search engine the original journalistic works and that involve a research work, announced the American internet giant, a change that will force it to modify its famous algorithm. Google’s vice president in charge of information, Richard Gingras, explained in a blog that the original sources of a news story or the notes whose production has required a lot of work will be highlighted.

Articles presenting «original and thorough research work» will receive the highest grade attributed by their panel of consultants, he wrote On Thursday. The members of that panel – about 10,000 people whose opinion helps Google set up its algorithm – will establish the reputation of a medium in terms of creating reports and original content, highlighting for example those who received the prestigious Prize Pulitzer.The media accuses Google and its mysterious algorithm, which classifies the contents in its search engine, to highlight the so-called «clickbait», attractive but not always reliable information that attracts the attention of the to the detriment of serious and original articles.

Original source in Spanish

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