translated from Spanish: They inaugurated the Provincial Space for the boarding of men who exercise violence

The Ministry of Health, Social Development and Human Rights set up a space that treats men who engage in gender-based violence. The so-called Provincial Space for Boarding and Mancare already serves more than 100 men who seek to end their violent behaviors. The treatment considers aspects that allow the aggressor to be guided to understand the harm of his actions and the consequences. In addition, work is done with emphasis on new masculinities that rethink patriarchal stereotypes, sexual roles, impulse control and jealousy, among others. Thus, the Directorate of Gender and Diversity complies with Provincial Law 8932, which establishes the Program of Centers for the Approachof The Aggressor in the framework of the fight against gender-based violence. In addition, the creation of this space takes place in the terms of The National Law 26485 on the Comprehensive Protection of Violence against Women in areas of their interpersonal relationships. The activity was attended by the Minister of Health, Social Development and Sports, Elisabeth Crescitelli.Al regarding, Silvina Anfuso, Director of Gender and Diversity, said: «There has always been work with women victims of violence but not to whom the society has taught them to exercise it. We understand that many men and women are raised in sexist culture and that sometimes triggers violence.» The civil servant emphasized that in the new space we work in the re-education, the psychological and the social. «We appeal ed if they’ve learned that they’ve learned, they can change it,» he concluded. The treatment emphasizes the group and is coordinated by a man. «The group helps them to tell themselves about the experiences. Sometimes they can’t explain it and in a partner’s voice they feel represented. The best space to rethink is with others,» said the social psychologist and group coordinator, Ricardo Algarañaz.Interested persons can contact the Directorate of Gender and Diversity at 4242281/1862 or by email at 4242281/1862 in this note:
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