translated from Spanish: What to do the finde? There’s a schedule for everyone

This Saturday, at 20 o’s, the Independent Photobook Fair will be inaugurated with the proposals of La Mirada Subjective-Collective Show (Mendoza) Tarot Trans: El Juicio Final-Zaida González Ríos (Chile); Classes-Jorge Saenz (Paraguay) and Inmensidades-Rocío Belén Zabala (Buenos Aires), in the Maximum Arias Photography Space, Father Jorge Contreras 1250, of Parque General San Martín.Also, at 21.30 will take to the stage of the Teatro Independencia the Orchestra of Guitars Tito Francia, of the Municipality of Guaymallén, with its Latin American show. General admission will cost $50.
For his part, in the Cultural Space Julio Le Parc, located in Guaymallén, will continue the Vivo Le Parc Cycle with the performance Luciana Jury, at 21.30, in the Sala Vilma Rúpolo. Admission will cost $350 and advance $300, in Likewise, at 21.30, in the Armando Tejada Gómez Room of the cultural space will be the Choir of the Legislature of Mendoza with an excellent repertoire to enjoy. General admission will come out $150.
On Saturday 14, at Le Parc, He will continue The Bohemian Club with songs with folk air, by Archer Mareador, at 22, in the Sala Vilma Rúpolo. General admission will cost $150.
Also, at the same time the consecrated Sisters Abraham will present their last work, Atemporal, in the Room Armando Tejada Gómez. Tickets will cost $200. And, at 22 o’s, in the Tito France Room The rags of Abel presentS Activemos. Admission is $180.
On Sunday 15, at 20, Mauricio Gelardi will present Es hora, at sala Vilma Rúpolo. Tickets will be worth $200.
And at 21 o’clock, the First International Andean Music Festival will be held at the foot of the Aconcagua. General admission will cost $150; students and retirees, $100.
Samples and exhibitionsMendocinos and tourists can also visit the exhibitions of the plastic artists Alberto Musso, Gabriel Sainz and Cristina Pérez at the Stoppel Mansion, Emilo Civit 348, City; Photobooks in the Maximum Arias Space of San Martín Park and the guided tours to the Fader Museum, which by its early reopening, neighbors and cultural references will be able to know the important work that is carried out, on Saturdays at 16. Data subjects must register by sending an email with their personal data to this note:
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