translated from Spanish: As a culpable homicide, Alejandra’s case is investigated

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The State Attorney General’s Office set off an investigation folder for culpable homicide in the case of the teenage Alejandra N., who died last September 5 when he fell into a damaged manhole, located by the boulevard Zapata, in the Jorge Almada colony. The young woman got out of her vehicle when it was swept away by the current, but unexpectedly fell into a hole that had formed on top of a storm drain. 

Attorney General Juan José Ríos Estavillo clarified that the young woman’s family has not made any complaints and the case is followed ex officio. It clarified that in this case the deslindes had to be carried out, and the last sanction that the Public Prosecutor’s Office sought to impose was the criminal one, so a means of a solution would be sought. In this case, it calls on citizens not to confront and let the authorities do what is right. It is serious for him that a young woman has died, so work will be done to ensure that the Department of Urban Development does not commit omissions. 

On whether evidence was lost because an individual repaired the damage to the manhole, he indicated that there is other evidence, such as images and acceptance of the damage by the municipal authorities: «We have called on the authorities to begin their investigative processes and make their deslindes.»

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