translated from Spanish: Lis Vega is called Lyn Vega by the factions of her face

The Cuban actress and singer, Lis Vega, posted a sensual photograph on her official Instagram account showing off her toned legs, but that failed to distract her fans from looking at her face and was harshly criticized. Over time, the 42-year-old dancer’s face has changed significantly to the extent of increasing the volume of her lips and “disfiguring” the factions of her face according to her fans.

In the photograph Lis is seen wearing a black twig bodysuit that leaves his great attributes and black socks branding Adidas to air, while being portrayed in front of a mirror. After publishing the image, Vega’s followers soon delayed hala and show their support, but that was not all, there were those who criticized and humiliated her to the point of calling her ‘Lyn Vega’ in clear reference to Lyn May.And that is that as had already been said , Lis’s face has changed in recent years, causing her followers to decide to let the actress know about the significant changes in her face.
Let’s remember that Lyn May, the vedette and Mexican film actress of Chinese descent, began at a very young age to have different cosmetic surgeries to look better and a little younger. Now Liliana Mayanes has different disfigurements on her face, which generates very bad comments about it. That’s why Lis’s followers compare her to the Acapulco-born actress, with all the intention of making her stop with her surgeries, but she doesn’t come, she doesn’t.

When they point at you, criticize you, judge you, just go to the depths of your being. If you are at peace with you, with your present, With your actions, with your feelings, surrounded by love, positive people, you feel accomplished in what you undertake in your new path, in your here and now, you love, you love people, what surrounds you respect , you have goodness in your heart, then that you are OCCUPATED IN THE THEMES THAT YOU DO NOT IMPORT, KEEP BUILDING YOUR PLENITUDE, NOT THAT OF THE OTHERS #SETUSEUNICASEFUERTE #LAPOETADELOURBANO #AQUIYAHORA #sisepuede #sisepuede #CANTAUTORA #canalyoutube #lisvegamusicoficial #musica #TRAP #urbano
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Cuban sensual has been very transparent with her surgeons and in past weeks she confessed that surgery would be performed to eliminate the flabbyness of different parts of her body, because now that she exercises a lot and rigorous diets, the actress has lost weight.

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