translated from Spanish: Maricela Chavez activist and merchant kidnapped and murdered

Tierra Caliente, Michoacán.- The activist and trader, Maricela Chávez Ochoa, was kidnapped and killed, which has generated tremendous outrage in the Local population that held much appreciation to her, for she was always a great defender of animals. On Saturday, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) announced that two detainees were already in custody as a result of the investigations.
In this tenor, it was known that «Mari» Chávez was kidnapped on Monday 9 of this month, she was subsequently taken to a «safe house» located in the town of Acahuato, in the municipality of Apatzingán. Voices close to the affair claimed that the woman was killed and then her murderers demanded a millionaire ransom from her loved ones, who were led to believe she was still alive.
However, the baton of the inquiries was taken by the Specialized Unit for Combating Kidnapping (UECS) and in an operation made in the demarcation of Paracuaro (neighbouring Apatzingán) two suspected perpetrators of the criminal event were captured.
In this regard, the FGE on this day disclosed in a press release: «In operation implemented in the municipality of Parácuaro, staff of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Michoacán (FGE), managed to detain two male personnel, for their possible relationship in the crime of kidnapping, committed to grievance by a trader from the municipality of Apatzingán
«These are Francisco C., and Samuel Alejandro R., 37 and 27 years old, respectively, of whom there are evidence data that relate them in the aforementioned crime, perpetrated last September 9 in the municipality of Apatzingán.
«That day, the aggrieved woman went for a walk with her daughter and three others, to the El Cafetal colony, at which point she was intercepted by armed men who overtook her and forced her to board a white van, and soon retreated from the place bound for the Acahuato.
«Following these events, relatives of the offended woman were contacted by telephone and informed that the woman – aged 51 – was abducted, so they demanded the delivery of a large sum of cash, in exchange for releasing her, facts that of were immediately reported to the Specialized Kidnapping Unit (UECS), which initiated the relevant investigation.
«For the above and during an operational action implemented yesterday in the early morning, in the municipality of Parácuaro, investigating agents managed to arrest Francisco C., and Samuel Alejandro R., at the time when they were collecting the ransom.
«By continuing the diligence, staff of the institution managed to establish the whereabouts of the victim, who was located lifeless, in the municipality of Apatzingán.
«The detainees were made available to the public prosecutor’s office who in the near hours will resolve their legal status, while investigations continue to clarify the facts. The FGE reaffirms its commitment to maintain firm action so that any person who claims the life of the Michoacans is punished according to law.»
Chávez Ochoa was a protector of stray dogs, and was widely recognized for throwing himself in tolling massive dog sterilization campaigns, as well as for providing asylum and food to unprotected animals.
Every day he was seen on foot, he would walk with his daughter who was riding horses, carry a bag of croquettes to feed the dogs on the street. He also designed croquette dispensaries for street canes. She is remembered with love for the Apatzinguenses, who demand the full weight of the law from those responsible for their death

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