translated from Spanish: Pre-trial detention decreed for second detainee for «High Bridge Massacre»

The High Bridge Guarantee Court decreed pre-trial detention for the second detainee for the shooting that left five people killed on 8 August in the town «Carol Urzúa» of the commune. Rodrigo Castro Salas, alías «Rorro», was formalized by prosecutor Milibor Bugueño for his alleged involvement in the attack. The subject was arrested Thursday night by personnel from the Investigation Police Homicide Squad at a renca home at a friend’s home where she was sheltering. Earlier this week, after arguing with someone else, Castro Salas shot at a man by more than 30 chances. The victim received five gunshot wounds, suffering serious injuries and fractures to his legs. After this incident, Castro fled from Monte to the home in Renca.He was formalized in the Talagante Guarantee Court by a arrest warrant for the foiled murder that occurred in El Monte.The deputy prefect Pedro Calderón, head of the BH, indicated that «next to the another defendant attended to the place premunidosed with firearms, proceeding the accused already known to all (Vargas) to shoot inside, while he (Castro) provided cover and also proceeds to shoot on several occasions». The chaser had also already formalized Carlos Vargas Durán, alías «El Jalea», who was also detained during the 120 days of the investigation. Vargas was on charge for about a month before he was arrested by IDP staff on 6 September. The event occurred around 21.15 hours in a slot machine shop – located at Profesor Alcaíno 01138 street – in the commune of Puente Alto. That day, one guy came in firing with a firearm leaving two fatalities at the scene and while three other people had to be transferred to various care facilities, later dying.

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