translated from Spanish: Theorema was displaced from FMS International after declaring that he abused his girlfriend

Hours after the start of the second round of FMS International in the Hípico Clúb of Buenos Aires, the organizers of the freestyle contest expressed the decline of the competition theorem after its statements, in which he acknowledges having abused his now former Girlfriend. The investigation took the measure.
The Urban Roosters were in charge of announcing the move measure, which was taken by them and the Chilean artist’s place will be taken by Kaiser, who was the second to follow him on the leaderboard, after the El Menor, being underage , could not travel on time by protocols. Beyond this, the case of Theorema has traveled the world of rap. On his Instagram account, he wrote a post in which he recounted the situation in which he abused his ex-girlfriend Amber, and that she let him know at the time. In continuation of it, he clarifies that there were no verbal aggressions and was remorseful for what he did, but he was no longer in a couple.
Later, the post was removed from social media and the young man decided to lower his profile to the court to take ahead of him. For this reason, the organizers of FMS International decided to replace it in the competition.

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