translated from Spanish: Ximena Rincón complicates opposition and opens up to support government tax reform with conditions

Since the adoption in particular of the Executive’s tax modernization project, including the controversial tax reintegration with votes of Christian Democracy, several senators from the phalanx warned that in the upper house would be different and they announced that they would not give their votes for a «regressive reform.»
However, not everyone agrees and Senator DC Ximena Rincón issued a document detailing its conditions for approving the Tax Reform that drives officialism «as long as these matters are collected to benefit those who need or those who need they have already made an effort in terms of contributory matters in Chile as are pensioners,» he said in an interview with El Mercurio.
Through a five-page letter, the parliamentarian addressed the topics of «Housing», «Transport», «Health», «Pensions» and «Water Resources», on which she specified her demands to support the executive in this project.
It should be noted that the senator’s opinion, along with that of Carolina Goic, are relevant as her votes will be decisive for the future of initiatives such as tax reform and the pension project, which was also endorsed by D.C. deputies in her time for the Camera.
Rincón’s conditions
The parliamentarian begins with the topic «Housing», where she calls for a exempt from the taxes that have to do with their homes, and which are often added, according to Rincón, to the high costs they face due to health problems.
With regard to «Transportation,» he aims not to charge public locomotion tickets to people over 65, arguing that «the exemption in the public transport tariff for our pensioned Older Adults is one of the advances in which we must move forward.»
On «Health,» the legislator calls for medical procedures associated with serious illnesses to be codified to obtain an effective appreciation of these in public and private health. This is because not many of these labels are covered by the benefit of Fonasa or Isapres. «Then why pay for our Health?» asks the senator.
At this very point he calls for fractional drugs to be sold to older adults, and to be in relation to the timing and dose of the treatment prescribed to them, so that they do not incur higher costs for remedies that are only sold in certain quantities.
Finally, in the area of pensions, Rincón demands that the calculation and application of the «technical interest rate of scheduled withdrawal» be reformed. This, in its view, should be done «considering exclusively the average annual average annual return of 10 mobile years of Fund C».
Finally, Parliament’s DC is calling for increased investment in Rural Health Services (SSR), through a «special plan» involving them. «The planning of initiatives and mitigation measures to deal with drought must be accompanied by a strengthening of special public investment in Rural Health Services, increasing in the 2020 budget law, the budget of the Ministry of Public Works for this point, at least twice as much as last year’ investment, so that all planned and running works are carried out,» he explained.
«If the government takes up these proposals, I am available to support the idea of legislating the tax reform it has raised,» Senator Rincón concluded.

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