translated from Spanish: Alberto Fernandez had his meeting with Schiaretti after Mass by De la Sota

«I’m very calm. Waiting for the verdict of the people,» the presidential candidate of the Frente de Todos, Alberto Fernández, said on Sunday in Córdoba after participating in a mass in tribute to former governor José Manuel de la Sota, who died a year ago in a car accident. Referring to De la Sota, the nation’s former chief of staff, he stressed that he had a «great significance» in his political life and that they were always friends.

The Mass for De la Sota, together with Fernández, was attended by Sergio Massa and Santiago Cafiero.

Also involved in the religious ceremony was the governor Juan Schiaretti, of whom Fernández clarified that «never» were fought: «We can think differently but we have never fought,» he said, and anticipated that they would then meet for coffee.
«Argentina has to grow in harmony, understanding that there is not so much concentration in some parts of the country and so much neglect in others,» Fernandez raised in his dialogue with the press.

He said he was «very happy» with the good accompaniment of the Cordoba in the PRIMARY elections of the PASO, and remarked that he will «continue to work to convince more Cordoba.» Cordoba has to be part of Argentina that I dream of. It’s a very important province for you to neglect. You can’t think of an Argentina without Cordoba,» the candidate noted after mass in the Catedral.La photo, but especially his solo encounter with Schiaretti, was something Fernandez was looking to repeat in this campaign in october, and now he succeeded. It remains to be seen whether this could now translate into more forceful support from the Cordoba governor for the presidential formula that Fernandez shares with former President Cristina Kirchner.The presidential candidate will be speechtomorrow, at 10.15, at the Faculty of Law of the National University of Córdoba (UNC), and then hold meetings with mayors and entrepreneurs. In this note:

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