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Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Claudia Ochoa Félix, a young woman who rose to social media fame at a home on Musala Island, was found lifeless. Since then the stigma of the world of the Buchona show chased it.

Official reports indicate that it was at 18:50 hours when culiacan’s Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence Center received notice that at an address on Punto Coello Street, the Musala-Pontevedra split, was the body of a woman of about 35 years of age. He had a tourniquet around his neck.

It is said that it may have been an overdose, but another unconfirmed version points to it as suffocated by a tourniquet. The authorities have officially not issued official information on this matter. It is also said that last night she was seen in a well-known den in the city, accompanied by their friends. The girl was very showy on social media.

Ochoa Félix was well known a few years ago when national and international media took her social media photographs and ensured that she was the head of Los Attrax, armed arm of the Sinaloa cartel.

After the news circulated profusely in Mexico and other countries, under the name La Emperatriz de Los Intrax, she herself went out to give a lecture to reject this situation.

The private Pontevedra, Claudia Ochoa’s mother and some of her relatives, also arrived, who confirmed to the authorities that this is her.

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