translated from Spanish: Antonio Madriz Estrada reiterates, there will be no sanctions on unfulfilled deputies

Nahomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán.- Antonio Madriz Estrada, new chairman of the Board of Directors of the Congress of Michoacán, reiterated that there will be no sanctions on unfulfilled deputies, who lack the sessions in that and the meetings of Commissions, who arrive late or that they dwell legislative work, for in his saying, he is confident that with a simple call it will be enough for his colleagues to change their attitudes.
Since the LXXIV Legislature entered activity, congressmen have been characterized by many initiatives but work little on Commissions to bring them to unfinished business.
Faced with this situation, Madriz Estrada said she is confident that her counterparts will change their attitudes, even though it did not happen in a year.
However, the deputy of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) party trusted that the legislative recess would be a «respite» for a different legislature, compared to the year that just ended.
On an express question, he reiterated that in the event that the absences and irresponsibility of the Members continue, the situation of each congresswoman would be reviewed, but without applying the sanctions set out in the ninth article of the Organic Law and Procedures of the Local Congress.

«It will not be necessary – to apply sanctions – I am confident that The Members will have a serious and responsible attitude in the second legislative year. With an agreement between us and goodwill it will not be necessary to apply any law.»

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