translated from Spanish: Argentina failed against Spain in the World Cup final in China and is runner-up in the world

You’ll never forget this Sunday. Or, is a result going to erase the anxiety you woke up with this morning, prepared the matte, the biscuits, and you set out to suffer early on? Do you really think that the illusion of the thousands of kids who gathered in clubs all over the country to follow the game faded because the story didn’t end the way they wanted? Let me tell you you’re wrong.

Seventeen years after 2002 Indianapolis, the Argentina national team was again denied the possibility of celebrating a world title. This time, it was against Spain, which prevailed without argument on 95-75.Se tried the first defeat in the tournament of a national team that was building an increasingly solid undefeated as the matches passed, until the last day, that which everyone wants arrive but only two do. The two best. And it was also the first time that Argentina was planted with an impenetrable defense, which until now the national team had managed to impose on each of the rivals.
From the start, the Spanish outfit took the reins of the game and in just two minutes managed to get 14-2. The solidity in the defense of Spain, coupled with the inefficiency so that his own mistakes and the onslaught of the opponent at least make up the result, made it difficult for the team led by Sergio Hernández to even have the possibility to manage the pace of play. You will never forget this Sunday and the unforgettable mornings that the Argentina basketball team gave away at the World Cup in China. She’s not the one who had to jump on the court to save the Fatherland or join a crack. It is the selection that showed that the work pays and that with codes, dignity and enjoying the way, the taste of losing a final may not be so bitter.Proven in the flesh the emotions by sports lovers and by those who – welcome – join in world and Olympic games times… are you going to stop getting excited because Argentina was not a champion? In this note:

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