translated from Spanish: General Juan Miguel Fuente-Alba accuses «falsedades» against him

The former commander-in-chief of the Army, Juan Miguel Fuente-Alba acknowledged «errors», but not crimes in the face of serious accusations against him against Judge Romy Rutherford and prosecutor José Morales for embezzlement of public flows and money laundering. «Countless profusely disseminated falsehoods have been added, which not only hurt me, but the Army,» said Fuente-Alba for using $3.5 billion pesos for his luxuries and personal use since the reserved expenses of the Castrense institution. Fuente-Alba spoke with the newspaper «La Tercera» noting that during the days he was deprived of his liberty in the Peñalolén Military Battalion, he always had the feeling of «helplessness in the face of an incomprehensible situation». Ex-No. 1 of the Army argued that «anyone is susceptible to making mistakes or making mistakes, but from there to act with will or malice in acts typical of his professional practice is of a very remote probability, not to say particularly difficult,» he said. For years (since 2016 at least) I have worked broadly and openly with justice, without hiding anything (…) I was also the one who indicated that I had accounts abroad when I filed a statement,» the former military chief said. Source-Alba added: «Countless profusely disseminated falsehoods have been added, which not only harm me, but the Army, given that I temporarily exercised the position of commander-in-chief.» In that vein he insisted that «it must be remembered that this investigation begins in the wake of the fraud of the Army with the resources from the Reserved Copper Act. There began to develop a systematic dissemination of false information that came up to the support that my wealth came from the frauds committed by other people, which was already public knowledge. I began to collaborate with justice without restrictions and i set myself to the task of reconstituting to the maximum what I have achieved throughout my active working life since I was 18 years old and the only society I have had in my life, which is my marital society constituted since I was 21 years old. All this information I have provided to the investigations,» said the general retreat.» My family, my real friends have always and strongly stood by my side. This allowed me to deal with such an adverse, protracted and asymmetrical situation,» added Fuente-Alba.Asked about what he did while in detention, the general (r) – who is now under house arrest at his home in Chicureo – said that after overcoming.» of the incomprehensible situation I was subjected to,» she began to review «exhaustively the positions made by the minister visiting, an analysis that allowed, together with my lawyers, to go to conclusions that completely debunk the charges.» In that vein, he stated that «one of the hardest moments during that lockdown was when the prosecutor José Morales formalized the investigation he had already initiated in November 2014. That was hard, because those charges are founded and built against all the overwhelming evidence that has been brought by my defense to the research folder.» Regarding the dissemination of the case in the press, he noted that «with my lawyer we agree that the coverage of the case has been very biased, based on many inaccurate images and has not delved into the facts that deny the charges». Finally, Fuente-Alba referred to his nickname that was earned because of his predilection for Audi cars: The Lord of the Rings.» I consider Audi-branded cars to be of high quality and have features that make it a reliable, safe and driver-friendly vehicle. Yes, it’s a brand I like. If this results in the nickname you indicate, they use it there,» he said.

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