translated from Spanish: Gold toilet stolen valued at over a million euros

At Blenheim Palace, the historic birthplace of celebrated Prime Minister Wiston Churchill, the provocative piece of art «America» was displayed, nothing more and nothing less than a toilet made of 18-carat gold by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattel an. The object, adempas of being an artistic installation, apparently worked normally so it was invited that the visitor of the palace could use it, and have a «private moment» with the work. The on-site installation departed on 12 September and was planned until 27 October, as part of a joint exhibition of other emblematic works by the Italian artist, and in particular their use in the palace should be reserved, no later than three minutes rule enter, do not enter the bathroom with suitcases and do not wet or snuggle on it, just sit. But this was simply left in the projections as the piece, valued at one million pounds (1.12 million euros), was stolen just two days after the exhibition began, this Saturday 14 September. Early reports speak of the arrest of a 66-year-old man. British police were alerted at 3:57 a.m. about the disappearance of the object, which was connected to the pipes so it could be used by the public. In this regard, the police indicated that the robbery may have been handled by a group that was able to use at least two vehicles in the event, and that they would have caused great damage to the palace.» The piece of art has not yet been recovered, but we conducted a thorough investigation to find it and bring those responsible to justice,» said Inspector Jess Milne.

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