translated from Spanish: Michoacán requires lawmakers to work in coordination: Oscar Escobar

Morelia, Michoacán.- In the absence of growth and economic development in the entity, Oscar Escobar Ledesma, deputy for the 19th arrondissement with head office in Tacámbaro, raised a political agreement to improve the conditions of the Michoacans, they reported it in a Statement.
«For the common good of Michoacán we require an agreement for the entity to grow, but to grow, it is necessary to invest. Better salaries and better equipped police men are needed to care for the Michoacans. To train our children, children’s stays and better schools are needed. For our adults to have money in the bag and food on the table, jobs are needed.»
During the use of the rostrum at the solemn session of the start of the second legislative year, the Albiazul mp called for coordinated work among legislators to deliver the results that citizens deserve.
«That is why we have to organize ourselves as parliamentary groups, we have to work together, even – and I make an honest call – to the members of the Morena parliamentary group. All Members have to pull even for the good of the citizens. The election is behind us and now we must deliver even more results in this new legislative year.»
Escobar Ledesma said that the follow-up of 7 key axes will advance the most meaningful issues for the population such as economy, unemployment and insecurity.
FIRST: to enforce the Mexican government’s promise to federalize payroll to pay Michoacán’s teachers, without cheating and without further deadlines.
SECOND: To require the national guard to coordinate immediately with municipal and state police in order to ensure the safety of the Michoacans before the end of 2019.
THIRD: to promote the revival of the special economic zone, so that we can rescue the 10,000 direct and Michoacan jobs.
FOURTH: to lobby so that the support for the municipalities does not stop coming, and that it is distributed in a fair way, without punishing those of one color and rewarding those of another. Let the Fiscal Coordination Act be fair and a couple.
FIFTH: let us put pressure on all instances, all agencies, all spaces so that in Michoacán no woman will ever be the victim of any kind of violence again. That women here can live and work in peace.
SEX: managing the supply of medicines together, that no parent has to choose again between feeding his children or saving one of them from certain death, that all public hospitals have what is necessary to preserve human life and t to ration it with dignity.
BACK: let us make this legislative period, the most productive, the most honest, the most ethical, the most inclusive, the most respectful.
He concluded by calling on legislators to work for the good of the Michoacans in this new Legislative Year, leaving aside personal interests and in demand the Federal Government to give positive results to Mexicans, by guaranteeing conditions and not giving away the resource of all.
«We come to propose as a government alternative, that we bet on subsidiarity, which consists, basically, of teaching them to fish, of generating fishing conditions, of supporting them with the rod, but giving them the fish they will never catch it themselves.»

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