translated from Spanish: Moon craters in the Danube sector

Danger. The race of the Danube sector, in Culiacán, no longer withstands the fuss by constant potholes. They mention that every rain they risk falling into a hole and suffering injuries, since the size of these are gigantic and there is no way to dodge them, so they call on the municipal authorities to give them a definitive solution. Garbage cans. In the face of the new garbage crisis, yesterday again there were opinions against the authorities’ determination to take the municipal workshop as a waste deposit, but then corrected, to the fate of the neighbours of that sector, because on the previous occasion there was no endured so much plague and worms. Review. The Gober of Sinaloa carried out a surprise inspection yesterday to the work for the expansion of the boulevard in the Dimas Station community. The representative was on tour and decided to make an unforeseen stopover in that area to verify the progress of the work. There is no better method to check the work, because this way they do not paint things like that and realizes the reality. Now they did get hard for The Profeco to the business of services such as telephony and cable, because it turns out that in Los Mochis they warned that they have to reward the customer if they have a fault and do not provide the service. With this, pose straight walking or what? MUTED. While some celebrate the rains that have fallen in the Evora Region, the grouper of the AARM, Tomás Sánchez, points out that excessive rainfall does not benefit the harvests, because although the Buelna dam has had to get off because it was at a good capacity, the one they need is the López Mateos dam, but there it seems that they have not gone equal with the rains.

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