translated from Spanish: They look for Navila Garay: he’s 15 years old and he disappeared in Chascomús

Navila Selena Garay is 15 years old and has been missing since Tuesday, September 10 when she left her home in Chascomús. 

«He said to me ‘Mom, now I’m coming. I came and went’ and never came back,» Devora, his mother, recounted in dialogue with TN. According to her, «on the 10th at 18 o’clock she leaves my house in a dam and goes in the direction of a man’s house, where he lets her into the house. From that moment on, nothing was known. His phone started off and we had no more news.»

She is Navila Garay, disappeared yesterday the 10th as at 18:30 and did not appear, please help me a lot by giving RT to appear, she is my niece and we are desperate, communicate in case you see her or anything at 2241497346. (Chascomus Locality) thank you very much — The 14 ⚽ (@QuiiGarayy)
September 12, 2019

The man he refers to would be about 50 years old and not an acquaintance of the family. No one was aware that Navila was in any communication with this person. On the other hand, the driver of the relay who reached the teenager at the individual’s home confirmed that she entered the house.

Dévora, Navila’s mother, asks for information about her daughter’s whereabouts.

«We haven’t slept in five days, we’re devastated. She’s a girl who never did this, we don’t think she can do it because she’s a girl with total freedom. He always warned where he was,» Dévora lamented. «Nothing like this ever happened in Chascomús,» he said. If you know anything or saw it, contact 911.

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