translated from Spanish: Women of Temucuicui reject feminism in the struggle for ancestral territory: “We do not allow any kind of foreign ideology”

“No more Mapuche women making soupipillas and missing the discussion,” this was Ana Llao’s response, in an interview with El Mostrador, when she was consulted by feminism and women’s participation in co indigenous units.
“Until now, women have always been away, while men were discussing issues that affect us throughout the community,” he said. The sayings of the ad mapu organization’s werken and former councillor of the Conadi were not well received by the Mapuche women members of the Autonomous Community of Temucuicui, from where they classified their answers as “devaluing” with the ancestral people.
“For the Mapuche women of Temucuicui, those appointed by the leader Ana Llao, does not represent us at all, we want to clarify that with their sayings it devalues the work that we daily develop in our community, by pointing out that for all we serve is to make soupipillas and away from discussions,” they noted through a statement posted on the community blog.
The rejection was not only towards what Ana Llao, the missive signed by the werkenvans Vania Queipul Millanao and Karina Millanao Palacio also condemns the feminist movement, which they point to as a “fashion that some leaders are implementing.” We reject this stream strongly and we do not allow anyone to enter our community with such impositions outside our worldview and culture of our Mapuche people, to allow that, we would be leading to our women becoming contaminated with ideas that come to fragment our way of life,” they say.
The reasons for the rejection? They say Temucuicui does not allow any kind of “foreign ideology, a European model called feminism”. “Our culture is millennial and under those principles and way of life our community continues to exercise the free and respectful right to exist as a Mapuche,” they add.
The women of Temucuicui proudly point out that they make soupipillas, because they also point to the construction and development of different processes of fighting for the land and ancestral territory. In this sense, they say that they visit their imprisoned Mapuche brothers, taking charge of all that it means to face political prison, such as preparing defenses when the Weichafes face clandestineness.
“We are the ones who feed with sacrifice and strength the defenders of the wallmapu, accompany the recoveries and territorial control developed by our and other community of the Resistance of Malleco, in this way we have been controlling premises in 8 months in recovery, we face the police income to our homes and eviction, for this reason to carry out the activities of our own among them making soupipillas in no way we feel inferior to anyone. What would the mother of Quilapan of Lautaro de Caupolicán, who were the great defenders of the Wallmapu, who would say that mother who raised them and taught them to fight for the territory, have they had feminist ideas?” they ask.
Under this premise, they conclude the statement by reiterating that The sayings of Ana Llao, “devalue the works of us as Mapuche women, speaking on our behalf about feminism.
“We reject and demand respect, we are a fundamental part in the work we develop as a community, without the impositions and obligations of our peers, finally, leadership goes beyond talking beautiful about having a good concept of struggle the leadership looks on the ground,” they conclude.

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