translated from Spanish: 45 tons of trash collected in cleaning brigades at the end of military civic parade

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement it was reported that the cleaning brigades of the Government of Morelia were deployed along the Historic Center of Morelia, to leave completely clean streets, avenues and squares that served as the setting for the traditional military civic parade.

Ramón Baltierra Sánchez, Secretary of Municipal Public Services, reported that at the end of this event, the cleaning operation was launched, specifically on Avenida Aqueducto, Madero and streets surrounding them, starting from the equestrian monument to Morelos to the obelism to Lazarus Cardenas.
It reported that 150 municipal employees participated in the cleanup, which relied on 10 vehicles, 2 sweepers and 2 ecological patrols for the removal and transfer of waste.

Ramón Baltierra detailed that in total 45 tons of organic and inorganic garbage were collected, which was generated by the thousands of attendees of the civic parade that took place on Monday morning.
He mentioned that during the course of the day the brigades will remain in operations during the evening and evening shift, in order to clear the areas that are currently occupied by tolerated traders and whose deadline expires in the first minutes of Tuesday.
The Secretary of Municipal Public Services invited the Mullians to continue celebrating in order and civility the rest of the patrician festivities, and avoid throwing garbage in the streets so that the city looks in optimal conditions

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