translated from Spanish: Among supporters, second legislative year kicks off of the Michoacán Congress

Morelia, Michoacán.- A political cackling was the start of the second legislative year of the Congress of Michoacán, among those who were not tired of pointing out the mistakes of the Federal Government and especially the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador; those who justified that the country’s problems are inherited by past administrations, and those who called to work together with all political forces.
In solemn session, and during the opening speeches by the representatives of the different parliamentary fractions, were the deputies Octavio Ocampo Córdoba (PRD), Omar Carreón Abud (PRI), and TheScar Escobar Ledesma (PAN), all belonging to the opposition parties to the Federal Government, which listed each negative action by the President of the Republic.
«Corruption is a consequence of poverty and social disorganization, not its cause,» Carreón Abud said, referring that the new administration mistakenly chose corruption as the generator of all problems.
Undoubtedly, the Deputy-Priite – who is little seen from participating in the plenary session – was the most critical, pointing to the cancellation of programs such as Prospera, the Children’s Stays, the community canteens and the popular insurance, in exchange for recycling old direct monetary transfer, to reassure the population and win over adepts.
For his part, Octavio Ocampo, warned of the return of centralism, the monetarization of the system and the destruction of institutions.
Escobar Ledesma mentioned practically the same thing as his peers, but said it is not a question of pointing out the mistakes – although he had already done so when using the rostrum – so he called to generate political agreements for the Federation to concrete the federalization of the payroll education, coordination with the National Guard, the revival of the area of Lázaro Cárdenas, the lobbying of supports to municipalities, ensuring the protection of women and the management of medicines in all hospitals.
The party was in the voice of Teresa Mora Covarrubias of the PT, who without taking my eye on his counterparts from the parliamentary fraction of the PAN, justified that the country’s current problems are a legacy of the previous administrations, which privileged corruption making it everyday and privileging individuals.
«The mistakes of the past have become more difficult to deal with because of the unwillingness of the authorities to listen. The critics of change want people to forget that they were the authors or gelsectuals and materials of the disaster that we inherit today and it is difficult to change,» she said without looking away from the panists. Very direct hint.
While the most subtle were Erick Juárez Blanquet of the parliamentary representation and Lucila Martínez Manríquez of the PVEM, who set aside partisan tapping to signal the slow results of parliamentary work in sessions and in committees. That’s how the second year of the local congress began.

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