translated from Spanish: Bancada de Morena is not conflicting, it is analytical: Teresa López

Morelia, Michoacán. «Morena’s bench is not conflicting, it is analytical and critical, it is not like the others who are silent, we are people who propose,» said the newly appointed coordinator of the National Regeneration Movement Party, Teresa López Hernández , this in the face of internal conflicts that remained in the fraction for weeks, as it was divided into two groups that fought both the office that she holds, and that of the presidency of the Board of Directors of the Congress of Michoacán.
She denied that the internal struggles of the parliamentary fraction delayed legislative work, despite the fact that it was known that the meetings of the Political Coordination Board repeatedly had to be postponed because of the absence of the then president, Fermin Barnabas Bahena.
«Not agreeing is not because we are conflicting, it was simply that we lacked dialogue at first. Since there is no dialogue, conflicts or misinterpretations are presented, we have to meet as many times as necessary and talk.»
On the record that abala as coordinator of Morena in the Congress, she stated that it is already signed by 11 of the 12 deputies, because she recalled that Cristina Portillo Ayala is incapacitated.
López Hernández said that his work at the head of the guise bench will always be with group agreements, and without doing anything in a personal capacity, this being questioned about the permits that the then coordinator signed to his colleagues, to be reimbursed management, travel and travel, one of several scandals in which the LXXIV Legislature was embroiled.
«I’m not going to work alone, anything simple, it’s going to be knowledge first of the peers, that’s a real representation, I’m not going to do anything that the peers aren’t aware of and consed.»

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