translated from Spanish: [FOTO] Cecilia Bolocco’s touching message about her son after the arrival of Our Lady of Fatima in Chile

A few months ago former Miss Universe Cecilia Bolocco experienced one of the most difficult moments after receiving the diagnosis of her son Maximus who had a brain tumor and had to have emergency surgery. After 10 months of that event, Bolocco posted a message on his official Instagram account mentioning what happened with his son and the arrival of the image of the Virgin of Fatima who arrived in the country on Monday. Alongside the image of Our Lady, the former animator of the Festival of Viña, she wrote that «since November last year my soul and my being have been avocado only to the healing of my son, I continue in it but with a heart full of gratitude. Gratitude to God, to our wonderful Mother the Virgin Mary and to each of you, who have accompanied us with so much love and prayers. Thank you from the heart.»» Today I contact you again for a wonderful reason, because tomorrow (this Monday) the beautiful image of Our Lady of Fatima arrives for the first time in Chile, on an official visit, directly from its Sanctuary of Portugal, which since 1947 has traveled the world Whole. May we open our hearts to it,» concluded the former Miss Universo.La publication has more than 30 thousand and three thousand comments.» All my energy and my love for you», «How cute.. sincere words» and «cute cecilia» were noticed, were some of the comments that left Bolocco on his Instagram account.

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