translated from Spanish: Mario Salas: «There are football things that we haven’t improved»

Colo Colo’s coach, Mario Salas, on Sunday led a strong self-criticism for the transfer of the albo frame 3-1 on his visit to Universidad de Concepción, a result that took the ‘Cacique’ out of the sub-leader of the National Championship.With the defeat a, the popular cast was left with 33 points and went down to third place in the leaderboard, after Saturday Audax Italiano reached 34 units with his triumph over Deportes Iquique in Cavancha.A when analyzing the brega in the south , the ‘Commander’ noted that «the balance goes through a very low first half. Again we get a goal again in the first few minutes, with a fixed tactic. Shows our deconcentration levels at the start of the match. It’s something that’s been repeated, and the team didn’t react to that.» In the second half we try to make a change in the system, I think it works and it leads us to match the match, until by bad defensive movement we get the second,» he added. Continuing his appreciation of low albo in this second semester, the second manager of UC and Sporting Cristal said that «beyond the statistical is a football theme. There are football things that we haven’t improved. All that’s left is to keep working. I’m calm, I’m strong, I know how the fan feels, that the analysis is not good, but there is still work and put my shoulder on this.» Faced with the cries of «Salas is already leaving» of the cololocolina bar in the last minutes of the match, the technician of the ‘Cacique’ said that «the subject is clear. If the fan manifests himself like this, he’s right. I can’t stop and think about it. I accept the criticisms but my analysis is much deeper than yours (press). What they say is understood and accepted. This does not make me tremble or wobble in my convictions.»

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