translated from Spanish: Nubia Ramos gives the cry of independence in El Fuerte

El Fuerte, Sinaloa.- In an atmosphere of celebration and solemnity, Mayor Nubia Ramos Carbajal gave before thousands of fortenses the traditional Cry of Independence from the central balcony of the municipial palace. This after receiving the flag from elements of the Mexican Army who marched to the redouble of the war band of CBTA No. 81 and backed by the body of rulers, went out on the balcony and called ones to remind the heroes who gave us homeland 208 year ago s. 

“Live the heroes who gave us homeland and freedom, live Hidalgo, live Morelos, live Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez, viva Allende, live Aldama, viva Galeana, viva la viva nacional independence, live Mexico, viva Sinaloa, Viva El Fuerte”, he said followed by the Voices of citizens gathered on the esplanade of the Plaza de Armas in the historic center of the Magic Village.The sound of the bell called on those present to commemorate another year since those heroes gave their lives for the freedom and sovereignty of the country , then sing the glorious notes of the Mexican National Anthem and complete the civic act with a fireworks display. In the traditional event of the cry of independence she was accompanied by Luis Alberto Rodríguez Chevez, second commander of the 89th Infantry Battalion, by her mother: Josefina Carbajal Samaniego. Prior to the protocol of the cry of independence was held the coronation of the queen of the festivities, Danna Encinas, who was in charge of the senior officer of the City Of Fort Fabián Cota Verdugo.Whole families celebrated in a great atmosphere of coexistence, which began at 18:00 hours with artistic and cultural shows and in the temple mounted in front of the palace the concert of Mexican music started by the new plains and also participated the Brothers Cota, among other artists who framed the popular dance giving a great atmosphere thus achieving a special evening, living September and taking pride in being Mexican.

Inside the municipal palace, special guests were happy to join the celebration for living this experience that year after year makes the hearts of all Mexicans vibrate by remembering the heroic gestation of lis children heroes.

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