translated from Spanish: Proof of Non-Infringement is a highly sought after procedure

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- Regulation of the violation pattern is an issue that is followed up in the State Services Unit with the procedure Constancia de No Infracción, which is free of charge. This is to verify that the citizen does not owe any violation of Municipal Transit, when processing the renewal of his license plate, a low and even a decal. So it is required to go through this filter in order to continue with that request. This allows you to refine the number of violations that accumulate each plate year after year.
Another of the procedures that require this record is the request to replenish cards, for loss of driver’s licenses.
«It may be the case that the driver has been infractionated, withdrawn and it is cheaper, so to speak, to take out a new license and not to settle the offence committed. But now we must first go through this filter,» explained the care unit manager. It is also a procedure that company managers carry out on a monthly basis to check their vehicle squad and monitor violations committed by employees. This is a highly requested process, but the highest demand is presented between the months of December to March and in discount seasons. 

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