translated from Spanish: The millionaire debt that the Frei family negotiated «in reserve» so as not to harm the image of the former presidents

A new blow shakes the Frei family. To the self-report made by Francisco Frei, brother of former President Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle, now adds a problem with the foundation that bears his surname.
Just as the case of the self-accused brother was uncovering, in parallel the Frei Foundation negotiated a debt that it held with the company Asesorías Santa Catalina Limitada for 48 million pesos.
This is recorded in a trial that directly involved former President Frei Ruiz-Tagle, his wife Marta Larraechea and their daughter Magdalena. According to Bío Bío radio, the file is seen by the minister of the Court of Appeals of Santiago Omar Astudillo.
Magdalena Frei and his lawyer Juan Domingo Acosta participated in the negotiation. Thus, until that moment when the case was unknown, it was tried to avoid staining the figure of the ex-mandata Rs. Frei Montalva and Frei Ruiz-Tagle.
According to the aforementioned medium, the agreement was stamped in a letter submitted last August 20 by the firm, through its lawyer Fernando Rabat, of the studio of Pablo Rodríguez Grez. In it María Soledad Martin Velasco, owner of the company, refused to continue a civil proceeding against the Frei Foundation, which owed it 48 million pesos since 2003.
Not everything was so simple, since during the trial, Magdalena Frei was unaware of the debt, because in her opinion it was prescribed.
Even lawyer Rabat himself requested that this be kept «under reservation» because a former president was judicially linked to the case, «so that his disclosure could lead to future execution of difficult consequences», anticipating without want to self-report Francisco Frei.
The debt held by the Frei Foundation with the company Asesorías Santa Catalina Limitada is divided into four items of money: the first sum of money they received dates from August 7, 2003 for $30 million pesos; 27 May and 6 June of the same year another 30 million, while on 29 April 2004 for 20 million pesos.
Currently, Eduardo Frei Ruiz Tagle faces two Lawsuits by Scotiabank for more than 472 million pesos and the possible seizure of their assets. That is not to mention that the losses of the Saturn and Almadena companies, investment vehicles of the former head of state would amount to more than 7 billion pesos.

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