translated from Spanish: The president of Huracán on the return of Eduardo Domínguez: «You have to align the planets»

Juan Pablo Vojvoda said goodbye on Monday from the Plante of Hurricane, having been fired after the 4-0 goals against River and 4–1 against Newell’s. The former coach’s cycle lasted only seven games in which he won a win, three draws and three losses. My «forces were in the right position to continue,» he added, and in his statements he made it clear that his departure was not «by common accord,» as reported by an official statement.» It was two tough games that hurt us. But well, the decisions were made and there’s nothing else to do. I thought it best to continue this project, but the management opined that it was finished and it was,» Vojvoda clarified.The club president, Alejandro Nadur, instead acknowledged on Monday: «I would love for him to return (by Eduardo Domínguez)».
Dominguez, the coach in the Globe’s crosshairs, has already had a stint at the club. He led Huracán to the Copa Sudamericana final in 2015.The president said «there was no contact yet» with the coach and predicted that in order for him to concrete the return «the planets have to be aligned.» Nadur stated that «there are also other (technical) very important ones that can reach» and considered «healthy» that Vojvoda «could step aside».» We added six points in those seven games and the last two we lost them badly. The results were not good, it is a very low average championship. Vojvoda is the hardest-working coach of the eight years and three months I’ve had. It leaves very positive modalities and habits for the future,» he concluded. 

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