translated from Spanish: «I’m proud to be Mexican»: Victor Báez Ceja

Pátzcuaro, Michoacán.- The patrius festivities represent the opportunity to strengthen the national identity and the pride of being Mexican, considered the municipal president, Víctor Báez Ceja, at the conclusion of the traditional parade that was developed by the main streets of the Historic Center.

After celebrating the anniversary of the Independence of Mexico, the President stated that in this municipality it is not a civic event anymore because the festivities are considered part of the cultural heritage and constitute a special moment in which the Mexicanity of those of us who live in and out of the national territory.

In Pátzcuaro, he referred to the building, the festivities are the precise time to claim the pride of being Mexican and to reflect the importance of the historical facts that marked the becoming of the nation. «We should be proud of our tradition, culture.»

He also highlighted the civility in which the Patcuarens celebrated another anniversary of the Independence of Mexico, enjoying as a family the cultural and musical activities offered in the Basque Square of Quiroga, one of the most beautiful in the country.

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