translated from Spanish: Miguel Asencio responded to questions of actresses by the role of Nicolás López in new series

The Spaniard Miguel Asencio, in charge of the realization of the new series of Canal 13 «El Grupo» of his producer Tiki, came out in step of the questions of the Network of Chilean Actresses (Rach), who through a statement called the house telev isiva «transparency and truth», about the team behind the production, asking if the project «is involved director Nicolás López, formalized in April and that is still under investigation». Asencio, husband of Paz Bascuñán and former partner of the filmmaker in the production company Sobras, insisted in an interview with La Tercera PM that «you have to be a little careful when launching these communiqués, one, for how the national production is; two, because you can’t listen to all the rumors. And three, because there’s a big team working behind it, so you can hurt a lot of people,» he said, after being asked about the allegation of rape and sexual abuse offenses against Lopez. In this sense, he assured that in the series involving actresses Paz Bascuñán, Loreto Aravena, Tamara Acosta, María Elena Swett and Jenny Cavallo, a long work should have been done. «When you get a Mexican format, it has words that have to be adapted to the Chilean idiosyncrasy. I am not from here, so, i can mismatch things; I ask for help from a friend who collaborates in friendship with me on this. Point. Nicolas, by a judge, tells him that he cannot leave the country, not that he cannot work, not that he cannot go out on the street, he has no restrictions of any kind. And less of friendship. Can’t you help your friends?» he questioned. «It’s like in Nazi Germany, i collaborate with the Jews and I’m being persecuted by the Nazis. One thing like that I’m feeling right now,» he continued. With this, he insisted that the films where López has participated have been adapted in other countries and his name has appeared. «No one has a problem with him working. I don’t know why there should be a problem. If a judge said: this gentleman cannot work on anything; then he would have to have a state aid to give him money every month to live, because he’ll have to live on something,» he said, and asked, «Do you think it’s serious for him to help me adapt some scripts?» As for Tiki and the recordings, Asencio assured that Lopez has not been on set, adding that he ensured that the channel knew his participation. «I offered it to the channel, they liked it, I even told the channel: I’m going to ask Nicolas for collaboration on this, because I’m a little lost in the adaptation of the scripts; and they told me there was no problem. They knew, they didn’t think it was bad, just as no one should think it was wrong.» He also reiterated that «no one tried to hide anything at any time. Just no one asked. And now they ask and I answer,» adding that Lopez «didn’t get paid. But I still don’t think it’s wrong for me to work.» In addition, the Spaniard insisted that there is a «persecution» against Lopez in Chile. «I am a friend of Nicholas, I will be, and I will not enter such games,» he concluded, responding to the Actian Network statement.

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