translated from Spanish: Mike suffers Bullying from going to school in the same clothes, but not everything is lost

EStados Unidos.- At a Tennessee high school in the United States this case occurred when two classmates learned of their situationThis became known when a video went viral on social media where you watch these two classmates become agree to give Michael Todd some clothes.

He had been suffering from bullying for some time because he found himself in the sad circumstance of going to school wearing the same sets of clothes, an unforgivable thing among the innocently cruel and ruthless schoolgirls. The point is that in an economically problematic situation, Michael’s mother has no money to buy her new clothes, which leads her to be strict with her lifestyle and leads to this situation. 
When his classmates Kirstopher Graham and Antwann Garret learned of this, they searched through his things for some shirts, pants and even sneakers and gave them away in the eyes of the whole school. The scene was captured by the camera of some cell phones and exposed to the world on social mediaIt seems the gesture touched a sensitive fiber in Michael’s heart.» They’re the best people I know. It was the best day of my life and they the only two who ever gave me a gift,» the young man told the XKAN television network, 

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