translated from Spanish: Subjects shot a house in Uruapan

Uruapan, Michoacán.- An address was renovated by individuals on board two motorcycles. The event was in the Morelos colony, located in this city of Uruapan; fortunately as a result of the situation, there were no injured people, police contacts confirmed.
In this tenor, it was known that the house in question is located on Avenida 5 de Mayo corner with Justo Mendoza street. The gunmen brought with them assault rifles that detonated repeatedly against the property and then went on the run with an unknown course.
Neighbors in the area listened to the detonations and, imaginethe worst, called the emergency number 911 to enlists the help of the police and rescuers. Within minutes, the law enforcement representatives arrived in the area accompanied by paramedics and when an inspection was confirmed that there were no victims to mourn.
The area was cordoned off and the experts of the Uruapan Regional Prosecutor’s Office arrived, who collected possible evidence, which was transferred to their laboratory for analysis. Meanwhile, Michoacán police officers made several patrols, but the hitmen were not found. It is presumed that the attack may be linked to account adjustments between rival criminal groups, police commandos commented.

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